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香港創業” 指的是在香港開展和經營業務的實踐。它包括了在香港充滿活力和競爭力的商業環境中的各種業務發展、創新和投資方面的內容 .香港稅制簡單,中小企主要面對的稅種包括利得稅、薪俸稅及物業稅等,而處理股東、董事及僱員的稅務問題,亦各有不同學問。重視細節,幫你梳理複雜帳目,找出慳稅之道。我們的報稅及稅務建議服務涵蓋以下範疇.All enterprises in Hong Kong startup whether they are large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, limited companies, unlimited companies, or one-person companies, are responsible for tax declaration and payment of profits tax. One Success’s professional accounting team provides annual tax return services for open a Hong Kong company covering accounting, audit arrangements, preparation and submission of financial statements. We analyze the company’s business, tailor-made a legal tax avoidance plan, and help small and medium-sized enterprises concentrate resources to develop their business.Hong Kong’s tax system is simple. SMEs mainly face taxes such as profit tax, salaries tax and property tax. They also have different knowledge in dealing with tax issues for shareholders, directors and employees. One Success pays attention to details, helping you sort out complicated accounts and find ways to save taxes. Our tax filing and tax advice services cover the following areas.

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